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Sweet F.R.O.G: More Than Frozen Yogurt

Whether its peanut butter with Reese’s cups and whipped cream or non-dairy raspberry pomegranate garnished with fresh fruit or a combination of all 15 flavors, Sweet Frog is the answer to a good dessert and a great place for “business meetings.” Last Sunday, Penny and...

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My Story: A Narrative of Influence

Everyone loves a good story. Stories capture attention and invite participation around the table, over a cup of coffee, or in the pages of a novel. However, we don't just enjoy stories; we need them. Scientists have marveled at how our brains crave, interact, and grow...

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A Spiritual Family Reunion

One of the most important and difficult commands Jesus ever gave was to “love one another.” The reason this is difficult is because we are a messy, broken, needy, and sinful people. We constantly deal with our own wounds and those of others. Because of this, the...

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