In addition to helping people learn to worship God personally, we diligently work each week to create corporate environments where participants can encounter the presence of God together.  Music is a large part of these corporate gatherings of worship. Music has a way of softening our hearts and focusing our attention on expressing our love, our gratitude, and even our need for God.

CFCOG has three types of worship environments on Sunday mornings:

Traditions Worship Service
8:15 AM in the Sanctuary

Rich in theological depth and meaning, rooted in our heritage. Classic hymns, orchestra, piano and choral music come together to help create a worship environment for anyone that appreciates timeless encounters in worship and our legacy of faith.

Sanctuary Worship Service
9:45 & 11:15 AM in the Sanctuary

Uplifting, inspiring, and heartfelt expressions of love and gratitude to God.  Guitars, drums, keyboards, and harmonizing vocals with both contemporary worship songs and reworked cherished hymns create a celebrative worship environment for everyone.

United Worship Experience
9:45 & 11:15 AM in the Multi-Purpose Room

We like it loud, real and relevant. Featuring a rocking band, big screen projection, and concert-like lighting, this experience is designed to reach those seeking God in a non-traditional type of worship experience, or anyone looking to be challenged and energized in their faith.

Worship Team Auditions

The next Worship Team Auditions will be this Fall (October/November).  Keep checking this page and the quarterly booklet for more details.

Do you have a desire to serve God with your vocal or instrumental gifts and talents?  If so, have you considered auditioning for one of the worship teams here at CFCOG? Two to three times throughout the year, we will be holding audition nights. This will a be time for those who desire to be part of our teams to come and audition with a full band. We will have a few standard songs that everyone (vocalists and instrumentalists) will be given to practice and prepare for.

If you are interested, and would like more information, please contact either Chris ( or Dan (  You will be required to register and fill out an application form before the actual audition.

Download the Worship Team Application, and Agreement here