Our God-sized Vision for the Future of CFCOG

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”       John 12:24, NIV

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Seeds.  Inside every seed is the potential to produce something way more than a seed.  Seeds can produce a harvest, a forest, and even a solution to a desperate need.  Long before we see any results, however, the seed must fall to the ground… and die.  The heart of the 12:24 Vision is this belief that God wants us to bear much fruit.  We believe God would have us become more than what we are currently, to grow beyond our current status, to take our next steps as a body together, and to reach our full potential in ministry and Kingdom impact.

When we examine the origins of the church in the book of Acts, and study the major movements of God through church history, we clearly see that God’s vision for the church has always been multiplication.  Yet it has never come without sacrifice.  We are at a critical crossroad in our journey as a church.  Will we give up our cozy and comfortable dreams of what we want the church to be, and allow God’s Spirit to challenge us to think beyond ourselves?  Will we sacrifice so that more people in our region and around the world will have an opportunity to hear and respond to the message and love of Jesus Christ?

Our history suggests we are a people that take great risk to expand the Kingdom of God.  We are simply furthering that long legacy of multiplication and expansion through the 12:24 Vision.  The 12:24 Vision has captured the hearts of our pastors, elders, and other leaders, as we prayerfully dream about where God may be leading us.  It is a bold, audacious, and challenging vision that is pulling us to consider what it would look like for our church to multiply itself, over and over again, through a variety of methods.  It is more than simply a church planting strategy, it is a long-term gospel multiplication strategy that will require total commitment and sacrifice… just like seeds.  As God leads and enables us, we will multiply ourselves in ten ministry initiatives in the next ten years as God provides the right relationships, opportunities, timing, and resources.  These initiatives include: Multi-site Campus Multiplication, Strategic Partnership Multiplication, and Cross Cultural Multiplication.

For more information about the 12:24 Vision contact Chad Chute, Executive Director at: chad@cfcog.cc or call the church office: 717-263-9523.

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